Applying to the Akamai Internship

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Applying to the Akamai Program involves:

1) Complete the online application:

Part A: Regular application

Part B: COVID-19 supplemental questionnaire (to be provided later in the year).

2) Attaining reference reports

3) Providing transcripts

What to do first:

As early as possible you should identify the two people who will provide you a good reference report. Asking your reference contacts  late in the process can lead to missed deadlines and/or a less favorable reference. See the Akamai reference report page for more information.

Application step, Part A:

Applicants begin by creating an account and can complete the application over multiple sessions, saving what has been entered and returning later, if needed. The application includes the following sections:

  • Applicant’s background information

  • Skills sections (by discipline)

  • Questions about you and your interests

  • Reference Reports

  • Unofficial Transcripts

Application step, Part B:

In 2021, Akamai will have a questionnaire that is called Part B of the application which will ask applicants information that is related to constraints imposed by COVID-19. Part B will be available early in 2021 when we know more about what the constraints will be. If you have started Part A, we will notify you when Part B opens. For your application packet to be considered complete, Part B must be submitted.

Skills section of application:

Applicants will see a long list of skills in the application. Akamai has a diverse range of projects (astronomy, mechanical engineering, computer science, IT, etc.) which all have different types of skills. It is common for applicants who get accepted to the program to have only a handful of relevant skills. Do not be concerned if you only select a few from this list. We understand it can be overwhelming to see them all at once.


Transcripts for all colleges that the applicant has attended should be uploaded. Informal transcripts are all that is needed, and should be provided by your college at no cost. 

What to expect after submitting your application:

Akamai begins reviewing applications soon after the deadline. A selection committee makes recommendations on who to accept and which project to place applicants with. Applicants selected will receive an offer letter that includes a placement site and project.