COVID-19 information for the Akamai Internship Program

This page includes information about COVID-19 and the Akamai Internship Program in 2023.The most current information will be posted here when there are updates.

The Akamai Internship Program will run in Summer 2023, and anticipates a fully in-person program. We do not anticipate any remote participation, for any aspect of the program, unless there are significant changes in policies of federal, state, or local officials, or by one of Akamai’s institutional partners.

All Akamai interns will need to meet University of California and University of Hawaii COVID-19 vaccine requirements. More information will be posted here in January 2023.

We are anticipating that interns who stay in Akamai provided housing will be in double occupancy (2 people per bedroom).

Part B of the Akamai application: Part B of the Akamai application includes questions about housing and transportation needs, as well as questions related to applicants’ ability and willingness to adhere to COVID-19 precautionary measures.

If you have any questions, please send an email addressed to “Akamai Director” to

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