The 2009 Akamai cohort includes the following interns, and their placement site. Find out more about the interns and their projects by clicking their names

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Robert Albarran – Subaru Telescope

Herson Bagay – Institute for Astronomy, Maui

Chauncey Banasihan – Smithsonian Submillimeter Array

Austin Barnes – Oceanit

Joe Cabuco – Institute for Astronomy, Maui

Chris Calpito – Hnu Photonics

Wei-Hann Chen – Gemini Observatory

Jason Choi – Smithsonian Submillimeter Array

Ray Corpuz – Trex Enterprises

Steven Coss – W. M. Keck Observatory

Justen Dela Cruz – Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

David Elies – Akimeka

Dorothy Fukushima – W. M. Keck Observatory

Linden Hale – W. M. Keck Observatory

Dylan Lynn – Akimeka

Richard Ordonez – Institute for Astronomy, Hilo

Devin Ortal – Trex Enterprises

Kimberly Oyama – Textron

Lisa Phillips – Textron

Lucia Polakova – Gemini Observatory

Amanda Ross – W. M. Keck Observatory

Rodolf Sabaiburo – Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

Chelsea Schneider – Pacific Disaster Center

Stephanie Shinohara – Smithsonian Submillimeter Array

Jermaine Vitales – Institute for Astronomy, Hilo

Kirk Wah Yick – Institute for Astronomy, Hilo

Jasmine Yoshimoto – Trex Enterprises

Tyler Yoshiyama – Gemini Observatory