The 2012 Akamai cohort includes the following interns, and their placement site. Find out more about the interns and their projects by clicking their names

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Haley Adamic – 2C4 Technologies/PJITC

Jerry Adams – W. M. Keck Observatory

Aaron Ahue – Maui High Performance Computing Center

Carl Andrews – Akimeka

Nathan Brandes – 2C4 Technologies/PJITC

Marco Bucao – Institute for Astronomy, Maui

Kyle Cannoles – W. M. Keck Observatory

Julie Chen – Trex Enterprises

Mikhail Coloma – Institute for Astronomy, Maui

Ian Cunnyngham – W. M. Keck Observatory

Spencer Eldred – Oceanit

Christopher Escalante – Institute for Astronomy, Maui

Jordan Gardner – Institute for Astronomy, Maui

Nathan Hara – Pacific Defense Solutions

Yu Xian He – Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

Marissa Hirakawa – Gemini Observatory

Katelynn Ho – Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority

Kevin Kadooka – Gemini Observatory

Shaun Koide – Subaru Telescope

Styson Kiode – Institute for Astronomy, Hilo

Juanchen Li – Subaru Telescope

Jasmine Maru – Trex Enterprises

Rachel Pang – Pacific Disaster Center

Kristin Pedersen – Gemini Observatory

Aaron Pigott – Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

Heather Prinzing – Institute for Astronomy, Hilo

Matthew Rappeline – Institute for Astronomy, Hilo

Charles Rutkowski – Oceanit

Katrina Schenk – Akimeka

Christopher Sugai – Big Island Abalone Farm

Anthony Sylvester – Thirty Meter Telescope

Noelle Takahashi – Trex Enterprises

Kim Tokuuke – Subaru Telescope

Corynne Umeda – Hnu Photonics

Ryan Wong – Smithsonian Submillimeter Array