Dylan Lynn grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii. She finished her sophomore year at Mount Holyoke College where she is studying Statistics and Studio Art. Dylan has recently transferred to the University of California, Berkeley where she will combine her two interests in the field of Data Fisualization. In her free time she enjoys cooking, skateboarding, and playing scrabble.

Institute when accepted: University of California at Berkeley

Cross Domain File Transfer Solutions: Performance Analysis
Project Site: Akimeka, LLC.
Mentor: Chris Paris

Project Abstract:

Traditionally when we transfer files from one computer to another we use devices such as USB flash drives and compact discs. The problem with this method of file transfer is that it puts the receiving computer at risk for things such as malware. My team has been contracted to evaluate the performance of a guard that will allow for secure file transfers across domains. A guard is a device that scans files being sent from a low to a high domain, or from an unclassified to a classified machine. We have designed a series of tests to evaluate the overall performance of the guard and how it deals with various factors. The tests we will be running include sending through different file loads, stressing the guard with a large load, spiking a steady stream of files with a greater load of files, and testing the guard’s endurance. Not only will theses tests provide information about the overall performance but they will also show specifically how the guard handles varying file types and sizes. The goal of our comprehensive performance analysis is to supply our customer with a greater understanding of this guard so that they can successfully use it for secure cross domain file transfers.