Haley Adamic grew up in California, graduated from Kaua‘i High School in 2010, and has been attending Kaua‘i Community College. This fall, she will be transferring to Boston College to double-major in Mathematics and Biology. Haley plans to attend medical school or to attain a doctorate in Mathematics, and afterward, pursue a career either in research or teaching. Haley also enjoys performing arts and Bikram Yoga in her spare time.

Home State: California
High School: Kaua‘i High School
Institute when accepted: Kaua‘i Community College

Creating, Researching, and Writing Documents to Enhance the Young Government Facility, Pacific JITC ITEC
Project Site: 2c4 Technologies
Mentor: Todd Lawson, Tara Holm & Mikol Westling

Project Abstract:

Every start-up company has things that it needs to get started and get organized so it may develop.  The Pacific JITC ITEC is a start-up government facility that still needed several different things to become more efficient and to be able to handle a larger amount of customers.  Different things the Pacific JITC ITEC needs are a deliverables process document to enhance efficiency, a cost model for easier financing, a more efficient way to provide help and support for the ITEC’s customers, and a webpage.  A deliverable is the requirements for the ITEC’s customers to complete their project.  For the ITEC to run more efficiently, a deliverables process document to be followed by the ITEC employees has to be created.  Through examination of the ITEC’s system with its customers and its facility, the most ideal deliverables process was created.  A cost model that classifies past and future expenditures was also needed.  By looking through past purchases, a cost model was created.  Customers using the ITEC’s facility often have issues with connection to our servers and firewall issues.  Every time an ITEC customer has a question or an issue, he or she must create a ticket, which is sent to an ITEC engineer or manager.  If a help desk page could be accessible to the ITEC’s customers, the number of tickets received would be significantly reduced, which would allow more customers to use the ITEC’s facility.  Therefore, I classified common issues the ITEC’s customers have had to provide groundwork for a help desk, which will be created sometime in the future.  Finally, a webpage needed to be created since no website for the ITEC existed before.  Through research of the company, content was written, which laid the groundwork for further development.  However, due to time limitations, the website is still not available to the public.  These four different projects done at the ITEC have increased its efficiency and provided the groundwork for its employees to further enhance this facility.  If I had more time and resources, I would further my work on the website and continue work on the help desk to the point that the customers are actually able to access it.