Institute when accepted: Maui Community College

Improving Image Download Speed through Compression and Decompression
Project Site: Akimeka, LLC.
Mentor: Rob Reed

Project Abstract:

The Medical Situational Awareness in the Theater (MSAT) project brings together and presents military medical information from multiple sources in a user-friendly and coherent web-enabled structure. MSAT combines operational data with relevant medical information in order to assist military medical units and commanders in making accurate and timely assessments. To aid in visualizing the location of facilities, events, and other pertinent data, MSAT includes satellite imagery of the Earth presented on a virtual 3D globe. This globe has rotation and zoom capabilities. As the map is zoomed in, higher-resolution images are downloaded to show greater detail. These high-resolution images can be relatively large, and thus slow to download. Since timeliness of data delivery is one of the primary goals of MSAT, it was advisable to find a way to limit the delivery time of these images. The image file format was analyzed and an image conversion tool was developed to compress the images before transmission, making them smaller and faster to transmit. This appears to have resulted in an improvement in the speed of transmission. More study is needed to determine if this solution is viable in the scope of the MSAT project.