Akamai Workforce Initiative

Building Hawai‘i’s scientific and technical workforce since 2001

Led by ISEE at University of California Observatories in partnership with University of Hawai‘i at Hilo

Observatories in Hawaii are a vital resource for learning about our Universe, Earth’s climate, and human-made satellites orbiting Earth. However, these observatories face ongoing challenges in meeting workforce needs.

The Akamai Workforce Initiative provides valuable training opportunities and has created a community of mentors dedicated to local workforce development.


Internships for college students at observatories and tech companies

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Community of observatories and tech companies dedicated to local workforce development

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Training and Support for College Student Mentors

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500+ college students from Hawaii have been part of the Akamai Internship Program


88% of alumni are still in science and engineering


125+ alumni have STEM jobs in Hawaii

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