Preparing for the Akamai internship

This page has information for individuals who have been confirmed acceptance into the Akamai Program (have received an offer and have returned signed agreement and other acceptance documents). This page does not include information needed for interns once the program has begun, which will be provided when the program begins.


The following tasks need to be completed soon after acceptance into the program:

    • Headshot photo: Please send a portrait of yourself to Please choose a picture that is professional and appropriate to be published on our website. 
    • Bio: All interns must submit a brief, one-paragraph biography, along with a photo (to be posted on our website). Please write in the third person. Include information about your education and career interests and any general background you’re comfortable having posted on the web (e.g. where you grew up, hobbies, etc.). The biography will be used for the symposium booklets at the end of the program. See examples of bios on the website:
    • Emergency contact form: Please complete this important form capturing your emergency contact information and other health or dietary details needed to provide you with a safe and comfortable experience. This information is also needed to book your travel to the program. Form link is sent via email.
    • Stipend set-up form: In order to receive a stipend from Akamai, interns must complete a university form. This form will be sent to interns via DocuSign, and any delays will result in delayed stipend payments. Please find helpful instructions for the Payee setup form HERE.


    • Meeting with your mentor: All interns are sent a welcome email introducing them to their mentor
    • With your mentor: Establish work hours/days
    • With your mentor: Check in on any site related forms to complete, attire, or other special requirements for your project

WHAT TO EXPECT DURING THE INTERNSHIP: Program overview of each component


All interns must register for the UH Hilo course ASTR275 as a part of participating in the Akamai Summer Internship. 

    • Cost of course registration is covered by Akamai.
    • Details on how to register will be provided.

Akamai’s experienced staff team works closely with mentors and interns to ensure the best possible experience. Interns stay connected to Akamai program staff through weekly meetings with communication assignments, and receive coaching on communications skills. Half way through the summer, Akamai staff visit interns, and interns give a mid-point presentation to the staff team which serves as practice for the final symposium at the end of the summer. Akamai staff keep tabs on each intern-mentor pair, making sure that interns’ experience is high quality and that the mentor is satisfied with the project.


Akamai staff secure and cover the costs of furnished housing for interns that need it for the duration of the technical project. Checking-in after the PREP course, checking-out after the final Symposium.

  • The housing is furnished with linens and kitchen supplies. Akamai will provide additional assistance in attaining reasonable living supplies as needed.
  • Akamai will map out a daily commute plan. However it is the intern’s responsibility to independently coordinate their daily commutes and schedules to the internship site.



Interns are given a stipend of $4400, and are provided housing if needed, along with travel from home island to internship site.

Flights from home island to PREP, and to the internship site, and then back to home island at the end of the internship program will be purchased by Akamai, using a UC Travel service. The interns will not need to purchase the flights themselves.

Meals: Interns will need to pay for their own meals and groceries during the internship, except during the one-week prep course when meals are provided.

Travel Costs:

Interns do not need to purchase airfare. Akamai has provided UC Travel information of suggested economy class airfares to purchase. For other related travel costs covered by Akamai, travel costs paid for by interns will be reimbursed or added to the third stipend check. In addition, Akamai will pay for baggage charges, and select ground transportation. Akamai does not cover ground transportation between  your home and airport at the beginning and end of program (if you are flying).

Getting your air travel itinerary:

UC Travel will book flights for all participants requiring air travel during the program, including from their home island to the PREP, from PREP to their internship location, and to return to their home island. Flight confirmation is sent from Check your spam folder if you have not received your flight information.

PACKING LIST: Suggested packing list for PREP and summer internship

DRESS CODE: Akamai dress code and site safety



All interns are automatically scheduled to attend the PREP course at UH Hilo. There is no need to register.

Arrival in Hilo to begin the program:

All interns must arrive at the PREP course at UH Hilo, and attend a brief orientation at 5PM on the Sunday before the PREP course begins. Interns should plan to arrive at UH Hilo in the afternoon at a time that allows them to be at the orientation at 5PM. For interns flying into Hilo airport for the PREP course, Akamai staff will pick you up on arrival.

Accommodations and meals during the PREP Course:

During the PREP course, all interns stay in Hale Alahonua on the UH Hilo campus. Interns are provided with a private bedroom, within a 2-bedroom suite with a shared bathroom (sharing with another intern of your same gender). Meals will be provided in the UH Hilo dining hall.

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