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Akamai interns are placed with a specific mentor and project upon acceptance to the program. Applicants are asked to identify past projects that align with their interests, which helps the selection committee make matches between applicants and mentors. Examples of projects, by major or field of study are below.

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Examples of projects completed by past Akamai interns, by field of interest

Applicants to the Akamai Internship Program are asked to identify past projects of interest that are of interest to them, and state why they are of interest. The selection committee uses applicant response to find matches to projects offered in current year (links in blue provide more information about the projectā€“you need to scroll down to abstract after intern bio).

Electrical engineering/electronics/computer engineering:

  • Characterizing a New Generation of Actuators for Use in Large Deformable MirrorsĀ UCO 2023
  • Developing and Prototyping a Sky Monitoring System for Capturing, Displaying, and Archiving DataĀ KBR 2022
  • Low-Level Motion and Control Systems Upgrade for Laser Guide Star Beam Steering Gemini 2019
  • Creating a Focal Plane to Detector Interpolator for TMTā€™s WFOSĀ UCO 2019
  • Feasibility Study and Proposed Installation of Replacement UPS units for Subaru TelescopeĀ Subaru 2019
  • Keck I Laser Safety System UpgradeĀ Keck 2019
  • Upgrading the Control Electronics of the UHWFI Filter WheelĀ IfA 2019
  • Upgrading the Thermal Monitoring System with a Raspberry Pi at SMAĀ SMA 2018
  • UH88 Telescope Dome Shutter Motor Test CellĀ IfA 2018
  • Characterization of the Intermediate and Baseband Frequency Hardware of the Yuan Tseh Lee Array TelescopeĀ SMA 2017


  • Creating a Camera Driver for a Space Domain Awareness TelescopeĀ KBR 2023
  • Speeding Up Wavefront Sensor Backgrounds for Robo-AOĀ IfA 2019
  • Replacing the Cryogenic Temperature Sensors for YTLA Radio ArrayĀ ASIAA 2019

Mechanical engineering:Ā 

  • Improving Vibration Data-Collection and Analysis Processes at DKIST DKIST 2023
  • Position Characterization and Testing of a Cryogenic Rotary Stage Assembly for SCALES UCO 2022
  • Mitigating Ice Collection on Dome Vent Door to Increase Operational Efficiency CFHT 2019
  • SPIRou Cooling System to Reduce Thermal Background CFHT 2019
  • Mechanical Design and Analysis of a Mount Assembly for the Gemini North Adaptive Optics Laser Launch Telescopes Gemini 2019
  • Ruggedized Charger Housing Design and Analysis Liquid Robotics 2019
  • Designing a Ground Transport Device for the Keck Cosmic Web Imager Keck 2018
  • Cooling & Reducing Thermocycling of YT Lee Array Field Programmable Gate Arrays ASIAA 2018

Astronomy and physics:

  • Deriving Properties of Eclipsing Binaries from Zwicky Transient Facility Time-Series and Color Data Gemini 2023
  • Deriving a Sky-Brightness Model to Establish Good Coronal Observing Conditions DKIST 2023
  • Creating an Extensive Spectral Database for the DKIST Flux Budget DKIST 2019
  • Science Feasibility Study for Simultaneous Observations with SPIRou and ESPaDOnS CFHT 2018
  • Modeling Polarization Morphologies in Young Star-Forming Regions SMA 2018
  • Statistical Evaluation of Polarization Noise Data DKIST 2017
  • Implementing a Differential Image Motion Monitor for the Maui Space Surveillance Site AFRL 2016

Computer science: Machine learning/artificial intelligence:

  • Classifying Variable Stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud through Machine Learning Gemini 2023
  • Interpretability of SatNet Machine Learning Model Centauri 2019
  • Deep Learning for Network Anomaly Detection: Building BiGAN MHPCC 2019
  • Detecting Network Anomalies with Deep Learning: Implementing BiGAN MHPCC 2019Ā 
  • TensorFlow Distributed Image Serving: A lightweight, RESTful remote inference library for decoupling deep learning model development and application AFRL 2018

Computer science: User interfaces/web development:

  • Build a Web Application/API Gateway for Data Set Analysis and Validation using GraphQL Akimeka 2019
  • Engineering a Low-Level GUI for the Telescope Mount and Coude at DKIST DKIST 2019
  • Construction of a Science Case Web Tool for TMT Science Cases TMT 2019Ā 
  • Development of an Integrated Status Monitor for the HSC Subaru 2019
  • Design and Implementation of the D2P2 System Status Dashboard PDC 2017

General computer science/programming/software development:

  • Implementing the Subaru Telescope Simulator Software (TELSIM) in Python3 Subaru 2019
  • Low-Level Motion and Control Systems Upgrade for Laser Guide Star Beam Steering Gemini 2019
  • Two-Dimensional Shadowing Imaging of Geosynchronous Satellites: Shadow Prediction Tool Accuracy Characterization Centauri 2018
  • Telescope Operational Procedure Optimization: Developing a Software Tool to Mine and Visualize Sensor Data from the Keck Telescopes Keck 2018

Information technology/networking /information security:Ā 

  • Evaluating Mitigation Methods for Non-Target Species Growth in Methanogenesis-Inhibiting Algae Cultures Blue Ocean Barns 2023
  • Development and Deployment of an Open-Source Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Environment Subaru 2023Ā 
  • Comparative Analysis of Maintenance Management Systems DKIST 2023Ā 
  • Upgrading the GEN2 Observation Control System Network for Higher Network Speeds and a Failover System Subaru 2022
  • Network Monitoring Alert System: Gemini Observatory 2018
  • Designing a Mobile Device Management Solution for Gemini Observatory Gemini 2017

Optics/optical engineering:Ā 

  • Fiber-Optic Performance Requirements for Keckā€™s FOBOS Instrument UCO 2023
  • Developing the WFOS Instrument Throughput Budget and Evaluating Optical Coatings and Materials UCO 2019
  • Creating a Focal Plane to Detector Interpolator for TMTā€™s WFOS UCO 2019
  • `Imaka Atmosphere Telescope Simulator IfA 2018
  • Characterization of Near-Field and Far-Field Illumination Patterns from Multimode Optical Fibers for Fiber-Fed Spectrographs UCO 2018
  • Characterizing Optical Components of the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescopeā€™s Instruments DKIST 2017


Other STEM fields: The following kinds of projects come up occasionally:


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