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Below are resources that summarize the success of Akamai. 

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2020 AKAMAI Outcomes SummaryThese slides summarize outcomes from a longitudinal study completed in 2020 which tracked the education and career outcomes of Akamai alumni. Results indicate that 88% of alumni stay in STEM, and more than 250 are now in STEM jobs. Click for full report.

Paper reporting on the design and outcomes of the Akamai Internship Program.

Results from a study concluded in 2016 indicating that 87% of alumni persisted in STEM, and that women and students from underrepresented minority groups persisted in STEM at the same rate as majority students. In addition, there was no difference in persistence related to family’s educational experience (e.g. “first-generation college students”), or interns’ GPA upon acceptance to the program. These outcomes demonstrate that with the right support students from diverse backgrounds can be retained, and suggests that what students experience in STEM is at least as important as their background.

Barnes, A., Ball, T., Starr, C. R., Seagroves, S., Perez, K., & Hunter, L. (2018, June), Successfully Building a Diverse Telescope Workforce: The Design of the Akamai Internship Program in Hawai’i. Paper presented at 2018 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Salt Lake City, Utah.

2018 Akamai Internship Program Highlights: Click for the 2-page, printable Akamai Highlights page, produced in 2018.  Includes our latest tracking outcomes of Akamai success!
2015 Fact Sheet on Akamai Outcomes: Click for 2015 Program Fact Sheet
Valued Hawaii STEM Workforce Skills

An Engineering Technology Skills Framework that Reflects Workforce Needs on Maui and the Big Island of Hawai‘i
Scott Seagoves & Lisa Hunter, 2010

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The UCSC Institute for Scientist & Engineer Educators: Supporting Multi-Level STEM Workforce Development
Inverness Research, July 2014


This brief presents an external perspective on the design of the Institute for Scientist & Engineer Educators, its relationship to the Akamai Workforce Initiative, and the contributions of ISEE to local workforce development at multiple levels. It also distills broader design lessons that may be of interest to other STEM workforce development initiatives.

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The Design and Evolution of the Akamai Workforce Initiative
Inverness Research, July 2014


This brief presents an external perspective on the Akamai Workforce Initiative. It describes the rationale, history, and key design features, as well as the details of the Akamai Internship Program.

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Contributions of the Akamai Workforce Initiative
Inverness Research, July 2014


This brief presents an external perspective on AWI and is authored by Inverness Research. Inverness collaborated with leaders of iSEE and AWI to examine the returns on the long-term investment in AWI.

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