Akamai Program Calendar

Student at Akamai PREP course

Akamai intern exploring light phenomena during the 4-day Preparatory Course all interns attend prior to starting work on their technical projects.

Prospective 2021 Calendar

November/December 2020: Application will be opened and program announced.

January 2021:

Proposals to host Akamai interns accepted.

Akamai internship recruiting visits to campuses (email Akamai@ucsc.edu to schedule a visit).

February 2021:

Proposals to host Akamai interns accepted.

Meetings with prospective Akamai mentors.

Akamai Internship Application Deadline: Mid February TBA

March 2021:

ISEE-Akamai Mentor Workshop application opens.

Selection and placement of Akamai interns.

April 2021:

ISEE-Akamai Mentor Workshop applicants notified.

May 2021:

ISEE-Akamai Mentor Workshop held. Dates to be announced.

June 2021:

Akamai PREP Course & Start of Program

  • Interns arrive at the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo 
  • 4 day PREP Course 
  • Last date of PREP course: Interns travel to worksite or begin work

July 2021:

Akamai staff conduct intern site visits and work on project introduction presentations.

August 2021:

Akamai Internship Symposia: Click here for the 2019 Final Symposium Abstract and Biographical Booklet!

The 2019 Akamai Internship Program ended friday August 16, 2019. 2021 dates TBA.