The Mentor Council

The Akamai Mentor Council advises ISEE on goals, activities, and outcomes related to mentoring within the Akamai Internship Program, and strengthening the mentor community associated with the Akamai Internship Program. The Council addresses topics such as matching interns and mentors/selection processes, evaluating skill sets of intern applicants, improving attendance at intern symposia, ISEE’s mentor workshop, and other aspects of the internship experience. The Akamai Mentor Council began in 2017 and meets 3-4 times per year.

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Current members:

Lisa Hunter (chair), ISEE Director 

Chriselle Galapon Nagata (2022-present), Thermal Systems Engineer, Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope (DKIST)-National Solar Observatory (NSO)

Peter Konohia (2019-present), Database Team Manager, Akimeka

Renate Kupke (2021-present), Project Scientist, UC Observatories, UCSC

Ivan Look (2022-present), Operations Manager, Canada-France-Hawai‚Äėi Telescope

Luke McKay (2022-present), Scientific Instrumentation and Telescope Engineer, UH Institute for Astronomy

Lucio Ramos (2019-present), Instrumentation Electronics Technician, Subaru Telescope

Marianne Takamiya¬†(2019-present), Associate Professor of Astronomy, University of Hawai‚Äėi, Hilo

Laura Ulibarri (2022-present), Senior Principal Systems Engineer, KBR

Truman Wold (2017-present), Mechanical Engineer, W.M. Keck Observatory

Past members:

Mary Beth Laychak (2017-2022), Director of Strategic Communications, Canada-France-Hawai‚Äėi Telescope

Chris Stark (2019-2022), Information Systems Engineer & Information Technology Services Team Leader, Gemini Observatory

Heather Marshall  (2019-2022), Principal Mechanical Engineer, Integration, Testing, and Commissioning Manager, National Solar Observatory

Keith Olson¬†(2017-2022), Chief Science Officer, Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawai‚Äėi Authority

Dennis Douglas (2017-2018), Integrity Applications Inc., Maui

Angelic Ebbers, (2017-2018), Gemini Observatory, Hilo 

Cindy Giebink (2017-2018), Institute for Astronomy, Maui

Dave Harrington, (2017-2018), Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope, Maui

Kiaina Schubert (2017-2018), Subaru Telescope, Hilo

Warren Skidmore (2018-2020), Instrument System Scientist, TMT International Observatory

Ranjani Srinivasan (2017-2021), Software Prog/Scientist, Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics

Ryan Swindle, (2017-2018), Air Force Research Laboratory, Maui

Troy Travouillon, (2017-2018),  TMT International Observatory