Ishimi, Jase site photo 2023

Jase Ishimi is from Oahu and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  His current goals are to gain as much experience as he can in the field of Computer Science so that he can decide on a career path before graduation.  He enjoys swimming, gaming, and reading books in his free time.  He is excited for the internship as he enjoys going to new places as well as meeting new people.

Home Island: Ohau, Hawaii

High School: 

Institution when accepted: University of Hawai’i at Manoa

Development and Deployment of an Open-Source Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Environment

Project Site: Subaru Telescope, Hilo, HI

Mentors: Kody Haleamau Rubio & Kiaina Schubert

Project Abstract:

In a traditional computing infrastructure, servers are self-contained within their own environment and provide a role or service within the system.  This self-contained nature has many drawbacks, including the underutilization of resources as well as potential catastrophic failures, since the data is self-contained.  One solution to this problem is using a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) environment as they have proven to be able to provide a great number of benefits, including redundancy and efficiency, as well as solve the shortcomings of a traditional computing infrastructure.  At Subaru, we will be developing an in-house deployment of an HCI that will come from Ovirt, an open-source Red Hat-based resource that utilizes other open-source resources.  We will be using three test machines in a sandbox environment to deploy and test the capabilities of the Ovirt HCI environment.  We will be assessing the redundancy of the Ovirt deployment as well as its capabilities.  This will be accomplished through deconstructing parts of the environment and observing how the system handles these errors.  We will be looking for successful migrations of the virtual machines within the test machines as well as correct error reporting and handling within the system.  After the initial testing phase, we will then move into implementing containers for storage as well as do further testing with live virtual machines.  Documentation of the HCI system performance will be taken throughout the deployment and testing process, and will be compared with the current computing systems.  Finally, a proposal that includes hardware and software specifications will be made toward an actual implementation of the HCI system within Subaru.