For questions, comments, and general correspondence, please contact:

Phone: 831-502-7554 (During the COVID-19 pandemic, Akamai staff are not onsite, therefore voice messages will not be picked up frequently. Email is best method of contact at this time)

Mailing address:
Akamai Workforce Initiative
Mailstop: UCO/Lick Obs ISEE
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Akamai Director, Lisa Hunter


Local office in Hilo, Hawai‘i:
111 Nowelo Street
Hilo, HI 96720

For other Akamai staff members, look at our People page.

Akamai is led by the Institute for Scientist & Engineer Educators.
If you would like to contact the Institute for Scientist & Engineer Educators, please visit ISEE’s contact page.