AkamaiĀ housing and transportation

The Akamai Internship is a fully immersive experience to conduct independent work towards a meaningful project over the course of 8 weeks. In addition to learning on-site technical skills and workplace norms, Akamai interns develop their interpersonal, communication, and community building skills when staying in Akamai-provided housing. Interns are expected to be able to live independently, including shopping, cooking, housemate communication, doing laundry, etc. The things Akamai pays for are listed below.

Housing: Most interns stay away from home in Akamai-provided housing during the program. Akamai arranges and pays for housing as close to the internship sites as possible. Housing is typically double-occupancy (2 interns per room) with two interns of the same gender identity. Housing is furnished with kitchen supplies. Part B of the Akamai application asks about constraints and accessibility needs in relation to housing.

Transportation: Interns get from their housing to their internship sites in a range of ways, which Akamai works through with interns. Some interns are close enough to walk, some carpool with other interns, and some take public transportation. Akamai will pay for local transportation, which may include shipping a car, bus passes, mileage reimbursement, and in some cases renting a car. All interns are expected to help other interns with transportation as much as possible. For example, if Akamai pays for a car to be shipped, it is expected that the driver will be available to provide transportation to other interns. Part B of the Akamai application asks questions about transportation needs, willingness to drive others, whether interns have a car they would like to ship, and whether they have a valid driverā€™s license.

Housing and transportation at the 1-week preparatory course: At the beginning of the internship, all interns start at UH Hilo for a one-week preparatory course, and stay at the dorms, in double-occupancy bedrooms with meals provided. Transportation to and from the Hilo airport is arranged and paid for by Akamai. Interns do not need local transportation during the preparatory course, as they stay on campus and can walk to classrooms.

Interisland travel: Akamai will arrange and purchase airline tickets for interns from their home island, to UH Hilo for the preparatory course, from Hilo to their internship site, and at the end of the program from their internship site back home. Akamai will not cover airfares from beyond the state of Hawaii.

How details are arranged: If applicants are offered acceptance to the program, their offer will include information on housing and transportation. There will be additional correspondence and communicationĀ  between program staff and applicants who have been offered acceptance, to work through logisticalĀ  details.

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