The 2005 Akamai cohort includes the following interns, and their placement site. Find out more about the interns and their projects by clicking their names

You can also pull up past and present projects by discipline, intern home island, internship location, or internship year on the right hand side-bar.

Ryan Baptiste – Northrop Grumman

Michael Cooney – W. M. Keck Observatory

Joe Curamen – Maui Community College

Michelle Darrah Ziegler – W. M. Keck Observatory

Kaniela Dement – Gemini Observatory

Justin DiPaola-Allen – Gemini Observatory

Vinya Agluba Estiller – Smithsonian Submillimeter Array

John Fujita – Pacific Disaster Center

Brenton Kimoto – Textron

Robert Knight – W. M. Keck Observatory

Paul Linden – Institute for Astronomy, Hilo

David Luis – W. M. Keck Observatory

Daniella Manansala – Akimeka

Mark Mizubayashi – Maui High Performance Computing Center

Keith Molina – Akimeka

Mark Nishimura – Subaru Telescope

Ryan Nora – Trex

Johnathan Olsten – Institute for Astronomy, Maui

Victoria Sensano – Institute for Astronomy, Maui

Jeremy Steel – Oceanit

Blake Stene – W. M. Keck Observatory

Pearl Yamaguchi – Subaru Telescope