The 2011 Akamai cohort includes the following interns, and their placement site. Find out more about the interns and their projects by clicking their names

You can also pull up past and present projects by discipline, intern home island, internship location, or internship year on the right hand side-bar.

Diana (DJ) Agdeppa – Institute for Astronomy, Maui

Mariflor Caronan – Hnu Photonics

Devin Chu – Gemini Observatory

Ryan Daugherty – Hnu Photonics

Amber Fulkerson – Gemini Observatory

Alan Hanesana – Pacific Disaster Center

Kanoe Hardin – Pacific Disaster Center

Keone Hiraide – Subaru Telescope

Sean Jones – W. M. Keck Observatory

Bo Li – Institute for Astronomy, Maui

Andrew Lindstrom – Maui High Performance Computing Center

Kimberly Oyama – Oceanit

Jasmine Pahukula – Trex Enterprises

Chihiro Sasaki – Pacific Defense Systems

Dylan Schwarzmeier – Pacific Defense Systems

Anthony Sylvester – Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

Jonathan Torigoe – Institute for Astronomy, Maui

Elizabeth Claire Vanaman – Smithsonian Submillimeter Array

Amanda Yamamoto – Pacific Defense Systems