Jennifer Takaki is currently finishing her second semester in the Electronics Technology program at Hawai’i Community College. Born and raised in Hilo on the Big Island, Jennifer has always been interested in science and technology, especially physics, astronomy, and electronics. After receiving her degree in electronics, she plans on continuing her education at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa as a communications major, focusing on digital media and broadcasting technology. 

Institution when acceptedHawai’i Community College.

Akamai Project: Expansion of Helium Compressor Remote Control Accessibility

Project Site: Subaru Telescope, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

MentorsScot Kleinman and Lucio Ramos

Project Abstract:

During telescope observations, particularly in infrared applications, ambient temperatures are critical. Helium compressors provide liquid helium to a cold head, keeping scientific instruments cool and reducing thermal and electrical noise. The objective of this project is to design, fabricate, test, and install a system to remotely monitor and control the helium compressors used at Subaru’s summit facility. It will improve and expand on an existing interface design, which consists of two identical control boxes. Each control box allows for remote power up and shut down of eight compressors, and remotely notifies scientific and maintenance personnel of any pressure and temperature faults. However, there are no reset functions in the current interface, and compressor alarms need to be manually reset at the summit facility. Because of this major inconvenience, the control system will be redesigned to incorporate a remote reset function providing more complete remote control. Two control boxes will be installed in each summit compressor room, four controllers total. Each controller will have the capacity to support four compressors, providing each with remote on/off capability, temperature alarm, pressure alarm, and remote reset functions. This is a comprehensive solution to allow for maximum remote control, possible expansion, and greater efficiency in troubleshooting.


Link to a PDF of Jennifer’s project presentation.