information about reference reports

The Akamai Internship Program requires applicants obtain reference reports, rather than a letter of recommendation, from two people. This page contains information for applicants and people submitting reference reports.

The deadline for submitting reference reports is the same as the deadline for the application (typically mid-February each year).

The reference report steps:
1. Applicant submits the contact information for two reference report writers directly in the application
2. Reference report writer automatically receives an email with a link to complete the report
3. Reference report writer submits reference report online via the link (deadline is the same date as the application deadline)
4. Applicants do not see reference reports; they are confidential and seen only by the selection committee 
Qualifications reference report writers will be asked to comment on: CLICK HERE
Identifying who to request a reference report from: Reference report writers should be people that can comment on the applicant’s scientific and technical strengths, interests, and motivations, ideally within the time period since the applicant has entered college. 
Typically, strong reference report writers are:
  • Faculty members who know applicant through college science, engineering or technology courses (especially those that involve a project)
  • Supervisors or mentors from a technical or scientific project the applicant did as co-op, internship, or other opportunity.
  • Applicants who are applying for their second Akamai Internship experience should include a reference report from their mentor from their first experience, or explain why not.
Reference reports from people who do not have direct experience with applicant’s technical/scientific abilities are accepted but are not considered as strong. 
Note: There is a place on the application to enter any special circumstances related to your reference report
FOR APPLICANTS – How to ask for a reference report:
  • As early as possible, send the person an email with a link to our home page, and ask them if they would be able to provide a reference report that comments on your technical or scientific abilities. Let them know it is not a letter, but an online questionnaire. Tell them when it is due, and ask if they would like to talk to you about your interests, or if you can provide them with more information about your background and interests.
  • Our recommendation is to ask first as noted above, then if they say yes, send a short paragraph describing why you are interested in the Akamai Internship Program.
  • Follow up and give a friendly reminder a week before the application is due. 
FOR REFERENCE REPORT WRITERS – What will be asked in the reference report: CLICK HERE

Please contact us if you have any questions or run into any problems in submitting your reference report:

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