Alexandra is currently a 3rd year undergraduate student attending at University of Hawaii West Oahu majoring in Information Security and Assurance. In 2015, she graduated from President William McKinley High School. Afterwards, she immediately pursued her Associate in Science degree of IT at Kapi’olani Community College.

One of Alexandra’s goals is to become an Information Security Analyst at a IT company. During her spare time, Alexandra’s hobbies are drawing with her sketchbook, browsing on the Internet, and listening to music.

Home Island: O’ahu
Institution when accepted: University of Hawaii West Oahu

Akamai Project: Development of D3 Visualizations for TMDS/MSAT Medical Datasets

Project Site: Akimeka LLC

Mentor: Peter Konohia

Project Abstract:

Data Visualization has become a popular trend to visualize complex data in a simple manner. It allows people to gain better insight and to identify unknown trends/patterns about the data. Currently, Akimeka is evaluating the potential usage of a JavaScript library called “D3” (Data-Driven Documents) for electronic military health records from the TMDS (Theater Medical Data Store) and MSAT (Medical Situational in the Theater) applications. A user can utilize D3 to create personalized and dynamic visualizations with minimal effort in coding. For this project, D3 is used to explore its capabilities to visualize a patient dataset from the TMDS and MSAT applications into multidimensional charts/graphs such as line charts, area charts, and heatmaps. We chose a minimum of three charts/graphs: a force-directed graph, a donut chart, and a stacked bar chart that are able to represent the patient dataset as simple but concise visuals. Using Toad for Oracle, a database management program, the patient dataset is exported and converted into a file format that can be used to input into the charts and graphs. The charts and graphs are then built by using Microsoft Visual Code, an open source editor. Additional features such as filters by demographics were added to make the charts and graphs interactive. It may be possible that D3 could replace Akimeka’s current data visualization tool called “Chart FX” to create data visualizations instead.