Eric is from Hilo, Hawaii and is a graduate of Hilo High School.  He is an electronics technology student at Hawaii Community College in Hilo and expects to receive his A.A.S. in May of 2017.  After graduation, he plans to further his education by pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering at UH Manoa.  Eric would like to work in the mechanical design field and has always wanted to invent new and innovative products.  He enjoys staying active and spending free time with family and friends.

Home Island: Hilo, Hawaii
High School: Hilo High School
Institute when accepted: Hawaii Community College in Hilo

Project Title: Controlling Hazardous Energy on Mauna Kea: Lockout/Tagout for UH88
Project Site
: Institute for Astronomy Hilo
Mentor: Marc Cotter

Project Abstract:

The UH88 Observatory on the summit of Mauna Kea currently does not have a hazardous energy control program–lockout/tagout (LOTO)–in place.  Hazardous energy types include electrical, chemical, hydraulic, thermal and pneumatic.  Performing equipment service and maintenance without an energy control program can be very dangerous and in some cases, life-threatening. The purpose of LOTO is to protect employees from unexpected machine start-up while they are working on them.  During the development of the energy control program, applicable safety regulations were researched and site surveys were conducted.  LOTO procedures were then written, approved, and placed into policy.  Annual employee training and inspections will be conducted in the future to keep the energy control program up to date.  The UH88 Observatory will adopt the LOTO program to provide a safe working environment for its employees.