Jasmine was born and raised on the island of O‘ahu.  She graduated from Kailua HS in 2012, and is currently attending Honolulu CC.  She is enrolled in the Computing, Electronics & Networking Technologies (CENT) program, where she enjoys the opportunity to explore computer hardware and acquire new programming skills.

Home Island:  O‘ahu
High School:  Kailua
Institute when accepted: Honolulu Community College

Project Title: Akamai Project: Preventing the Illumination of Aircraft by a Laser Ranging System

Project Site: Institute for Astronomy, Maui
Mentors: Dan O’Gara, Cindy Giebink

Project Abstract:

The TLRS 4 is a laser ranging system that is used to measure the distance to artificial Earth satellites. This is accomplished by sending short pulses of green laser light outwards and timing how long it takes to come back. The goal of this project is to develop a system to ensure that planes are not illuminated by this laser. This laser is dangerous if it comes in contact with a pilot or passengers eyeball. Currently, there is a human plane spotter, who looks for planes seen close to the laser beam. If the plane is too close, then T4 is turned off. To accomplish this goal I will translate programs written in Fortran and another in C to Python. A radio receiver will be placed on the summit of Haleakala in order to capture plane GPS position data, as a part of the next generation air transportation system, allowing me to gather and analyze data. I have accomplished this goal by using computer programming, linear algebra, and analytic geometry.