What interns gain from the akamai program

Akamai interns gain work experience, communication skills, technical skills, and a professional network that strengthen qualifications for future jobs. After the summer internship, Akamai stays in contact with alumni, connecting them with job opportunities and offering occasional workshops and alumni events. 

More than 250 alumni are now in STEM jobs. The number of alumni who have successfully stayed on the pathway to a job in a  STEM field has made Akamai a nationally recognized program.

What program alumni say say about the program:

Akamai provided me with the leadership and technical skills that allowed me to obtain my current position.”

“Without Akamai, I would have not been exposed to industry. I have gained industry experience through Akamai in which the University lacks. Also, I have become a better team leader and player.”

Akamai was the first experience I had where I felt some sense of belonging in the astronomy community in Hawai’i.”

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