Originally from Indianapolis, Carl “Joey” Andrews has been a Maui resident for the past 18 years. Since graduating from Baldwin High School, he has worked in various fields on-island, including as an entertainer for local resorts, corporate parties, and charities, and as a freelance PC-repair technician and Web designer. Joey is currently a sophomore at UH Maui College, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology (ECET), while also working as the computer technician at the campus library. In his spare time, Joey enjoys discovering new music, playing guitar, reading, playing basketball, and studying comedy.

Home Island: Maui
High School: Baldwin High School
Institute when accepted: UH Maui College

Creating a Remote Access Utility to Allow Instant Updates to User Accounts in a Network of Databases
Project Site: Akimeka, LLC
Mentor: Derrick Lahrman

Project Abstract:

The current process for making changes to user accounts in Akimeka databases requires more time — a week or more in some cases — more steps, and more people than is desirable for a task that is required several times per day with only one person currently responsible for implementing those changes.  We believe we can create an easy-to-use utility that will give individuals the ability to make their own instant updates to any available network database.  We are writing SQL and PL/SQL code to create a series of database links along with procedures to read and write information to those databases.  We are using Oracle Application Express to create a Web-based graphical user interface, driven by our SQL procedures, which will allow users to immediately accomplish a variety of tasks: create or edit database links, create new user IDs, change passwords and set expiration dates, activate or deactivate accounts, and assign user roles and facility IDs.  We currently have a working application that can accomplish most of the intended tasks.  Future work will be to implement feature requests and polish the interface for intuitive use.  Once complete, our product will allow users to accomplish a task that once might take a week, in minutes.