I was born and raised in one of the island countries in Oceania (Papua New Guinea). I moved to Hawaii in 2014 after I completed my high school in PNG. Now, I am a senior computer science student in Hilo. I am UH Hilo International Student Association president and also I am president for one of the RISO clubs in UH Hilo. I tutor computer science and math in UH Hilo. My dream is to become a data scientist.

Home Island: Big Island
High School:
Institution when accepted: UH Hilo

Akamai Project: Building a GUI for the Instrument Performance Calculator for the CryoNIRSP Instrument
Project Site: Institute for Astronomy in Maui
Mentors: Isabelle F. Scholl and Andre Fehlmann

Project Abstract:

The Cryogenic-Near-Infrared Spectro-Polarimeter (CryoNIRSP) is a newly developed instrument from the Institute for Astronomy in Maui that samples the broadest wavelength range and highest photometric sensitivity. Currently, CryoNIRSP does not have any assisting software or interface to help new users of the instrument to learn how to use it. The goal of this project is to develop the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the Instrument Performance Calculator (IPC) to help new users of CryoNIRSP preparing an observation program, validate data, and get an estimate of the performance of the instrument configuration. First, we created the GUI main frame using python, Qt, Matplotlib and Sunpy. Python was used for everything, mostly for the functionalities, Sunpy was used to embed sun disk into GUI, Matplotlib was used to plot data and Qt was used to create buttons and layouts. Examples of buttons created include a combo-box button for possible list of spectral lines, and a radio buttons for selecting telescope Field of View (FOV). The IPC provides users with a guided and an expert mode. During this internship, we designed the Guided mode to guide new users on how to use the instrument. In this mode, the user will be able to graphically select the field of view and other parameters. These parameters will be used to call existing functions that will calculate the performance of the instrument if run with these parameters.