Juanchen Li graduated from Waiakea High School in Hilo in 2010, and is currently a sophomore at the University of Southern California perusing a degree in computer science.  After receiving his bachelors he intends to continue his education as a graduate student.  Juanchen’s goal is to have a career conducting research in computer science or related fields either as a professor or researcher for a technology company.

Home Island: Big Island
High School: Waiakea High School
Institution when accepted: University of Southern California

Akamai Project: Restructuring Subaru’s Archives
Project Site: Subaru Telescope
Mentor: Tom Winegar

Project Abstract:

All of the data taken by the Subaru telescope is stored in large archives for future access.  In order to more safely maintain this 40-TB archive, two copies of the archive are kept: one in Hilo, and the other in Mitaka, Japan.  However, the systems of file paths used to store each of the two archives are different, which produces inefficiencies with accessing the files and working with their databases.  The goal of this project was to align the file paths in order to streamline the archive.  The solution that we developed was to perform a copy of all of the files in Hilo to their respective file paths in Mitaka, and then check to ensure the files’ integrity.  After evaluating multiple methods for checking file integrity, we chose to use “md5sum” to calculate MD5 values for all of the files.  Afterwards, we created copies of the archive in Hilo to match the file paths in Mitaka.  Finally, to ensure the integrity of the files, we performed md5sums on all of the new files.