Shin Mark Junyoung midp pic

Mark (Junyoung) Shin was born in Korea. He immigrated to the United States with his family when he was 13, and has lived in Hawaii ever since. He graduated from Moanalua high school, and is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at University of Hawaii at Manoa. After graduating, Junyoung hopes to give back to his community. When he’s not busy with school, he enjoys spending time with his friends, swimming and playing guitar.

Home Island: Oahu

High School: Moanalua High School

Institution when accepted: University of Hawaii at Manoa

Akamai Project: An Overview and Standardization of DKIST Vibration Procedures

Project Site: Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope (NSO/DKIST). Pukalani, HI

Mentors: Brialyn Onodera and Sebastien Poupar

Project Abstract:

The Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope, (DKIST) is the world’s biggest solar telescope that functions by redirecting sunlight with an array of mirrors to sensitive optic equipment located throughout the coude lab. Vibration throughout DKIST creates displacements in these mirrors and optics, which limits DKIST’s capability of capturing clean images. DKIST is conducting surveys to categorize and track the source of these vibrations, which is essential to limiting the effects of performance degradation. This process is done by utilizing accelerometers and various in-house MATLAB scripts. Standardizing and streamlining this procedure would enable more staff to collect data to test if vibration is the suspected cause of performance degradation. After conducting vibration tests and data analysis on my own, I produced several documents that detail the overall surveying process. Additionally, to further streamline the overall procedure, various small-scale tasks were completed such as modifying MATLAB scripts to be more user-friendly, troubleshooting the data acquisition computer and more. Tutorials have been verified by another intern within DKIST to be easy and clear to follow through. Once these documents are distributed among DKIST staff members, we hope to have everybody conducting their own vibration data collection and analysis.