Katrina Schenk was born and raised on Maui and graduated from H.P. Baldwin High School in 2010. She has spent two years at UH Maui College, and this fall, she will enter her junior year of college at UH Manoa to pursue a BS in Computer Science. After graduating in spring 2014, Katrina plans to work in the tech field for a few years before returning to school for a Master’s degree.

Home Island: Maui
High School: H.P. Baldwin High School
Institute when accepted: UH Maui

Unified Modeling Language (UML) for Legacy Software
Project Site: Akimeka, LLC
Mentor: D.J. Fabozzi

Project Abstract:

UML reverse-engineering programs provide a fast way to interpret a program by taking in source code and deriving graphic models of the program structure.  A cross-domain, language-independent program was created to reverse-engineer legacy software.  We began building on a preliminary program that generated class shells and extracted class names and attributes from files.  Methods were then written to determine class variables, variable types, and methods of subroutines.  Each line is read in from the file, then parsed to be written into corresponding class shells.  Then we searched through each file in the directory to obtain the called methods and header files used within each file.  Class relationships — such as aggregation, association, and inheritance — are inferred from the code, and all of the data is displayed graphically as UML.  In the future, the program can be improved upon to handle source-file formatting differences.