Kekai Clarke was born and raised in Waimea, graduating from Hawaii Preparatory Academy in 2010.  He is a senior at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, pursuing a B.A. in Computer Science and Mathematics.  He is working towards a career in software development and video game design.



Project Title: Creating a Web Portal for Medical Product Certification

Project Site: Makani Kai Tech

Mentor: Bryan Berkowitz & Philip Brooks Advisor: Michael McDougall Collaborator: John Evans

Project Abstract: Since the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act of 2009, the health industry has seen an expansion in health-related information technology.  This expansion includes upgrading from hardcopy to electronic documents and automating processes online.  Our task was to create a Web portal to assist a hospital supplier in acquiring product certifications from pharmaceutical suppliers.  The portal would allow for product suppliers to enter and update product information used in the certification process.  In addition, the portal would provide a way for the hospital supplier’s product managers to monitor and assist the product suppliers with the certification process.  The project consisted of designing a relational database using SQL Server, then creating an HTML/Javascript user interface using Breeze and Angular.  To connect the server and interface, we created an object-relational mapping framework using Entity Framework and added an OAuth authentication layer.  This portal will increase the efficiency and reliability of the certification process by providing a central location for product and certification information to be stored, accessed, and updated.