Keizo Gates is an undergraduate at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY where he will graduate in 2007 with a dual major in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. He was born on the Big Island,Ā later lived on Oahu, in Washington State, and on Kauaā€™i where heĀ graduated high school in 2003. In his free time he can be foundĀ improving the paddling websiteĀ OCPaddler, paddling, hiking,Ā  trying a board sport, or working on another fun project.

Institution when accepted:Ā Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY

Akamai project title:Ā Designing a Mount for an Intensified Photodiode in the MAIA Laser Receiver
ProjectĀ Site:
Ā Textron Systems
Mentor:Ā Paul Konkola andĀ Charlie Crandall

Project Abstract:

The MAIA Laser Receiver will provide high-speed ranging and radiometry using the existing MAIA Laser on Haleakala. The project largely relies on the Intevac Intensified Photodiode-280, a highly sensitive sensor capable of single photon detection. The goal of this sub-project was to design a mount for the intensified photodiode that inserts into a Products For Research thermal cooling unit. Initial designs varied greatly, but a simple design was developed as design constraints were clarified and drawings of the cooling unit became available. The mount grips the sensor, secures to stock parts in the thermal cooling unit, and accommodates a 15 mm lens with 10 mm of focus adjustment. It consists of a single custom machined aluminum tube interfaced with numerous off the shelf components that make up the adjustable focus lens mechanism. All components were modeled in Solidworks CAD and documented with engineering drawings for manufacturing and assembly of the mount. A brief report has been prepared to provide explanation of the design and procedures for assembly. Overall, the design proves effective in its virtual form and meets the desired specifications. Once the mount is machined and assembled it will be integrated into the larger optics assembly of the MAIA Laser Receiver and implemented at the Maui Space Surveillance and Super Computing Site.

Link to PDF of Keizo’s project presentation.