Nathan Brandes grew up in Kula, Maui, and completed his secondary education at Seabury Hall, graduating in 2010. He is a Computer Science and Engineering major at the Univ. of Washington, where he also teaches a section of the introductory undergraduate computer science course. His current undergraduate research interests focus on finding ways to apply Computer Science concepts to Global Health topics. Since January 2012, he has been collaborating with a group of students to develop a mobile-app-based child immunization registry for resource-constrained environments. He also enjoys playing volleyball, climbing, and playing music.

Home Island: Maui
High School: Seabury Hall
Institute when accepted: Univ. of Washington

A Secure Web Form for ITEC Clients
Project Site: 2c4 Technologies
Mentor: Todd Lawson

Project Abstract:

2c4 Technologies requires potential clients to fill out an application that defines their project goals, development process, and required resources.  This is the first step clients must take in order to gain access to the ITEC (Integrated Technology Evaluation Center) resources.  The previous application process was electronic but not automated.  Clients were emailed a project application form to fill out.  For a typical-use case, a client would misunderstand a few portions of the application or misinterpret what was being asked.  It was also typical for clients to overestimate the number of resources they required.  Each application would be reviewed by an employee at 2c4, and the errors would be rectified through a laborious series of emails, calls, and meetings.  In response to the application process’s inefficiencies, we developed a Web application that automated the client application process.  The Web application architecture consists of a standard HTML/JavaScript user interface that interacts with server-side PHP.  The server communicates with an SQL database that then sends the stored data back to the user or submits the acquired data to a secure private server where 2c4 employees can safely access and review the data.  By designing an accessible and secure Web application that guides clients through an electronic form, we have ensured that clients receive immediate and automatic feedback to their responses.  The application also educates clients and provides specific detail about the resources they are interested in using. Any communication between the client and 2c4 employees is managed through a single medium, so information loss and inconsistency are minimized.  The Web application has dramatically reduced the time it takes to get from beginning the application process to starting the actual project.