Rodney Morden is from the island of Kaua’i.  He has an older brother and two younger sisters.  He is currently attending college at Washington State University majoring in Electrical Engineering, with a minor in Computer Engineering and Math.  He is also part of the fraternity Phi Sigma Kappa, Chi Deuteron Chapter.  In his free time he likes playing basketball, ukulele, spending time with his friends and body boarding.  He enjoys listening to Hawaiian, Underground Hip Hop, and Reggae music.

Institution when acceptedWashington State University

Akamai Project: Managing Video Files for the ROARS Program

Project Site:  Textron Systems

MentorsPaul Billings and Jon Guerin

Project Abstract:

Real-time Object and Atmosphere Reconstruction System (ROARS) is a graphical user interface program that will perform high-end image processing and analysis. Video and image files are sent to the program as inputs. After the program has executed the required algorithms, the result is an improved quality of the file. The goal of this project was to find a way to support any format of image or video files, create or convert to a MPEG-4 video file and randomly access any frame within a video file. This segment was designed using the C/C++ programming language because of its compatibility with the ROARS program. The FFMPEG library was employed for functions that handle MPEG-4 format files. With these specifications a sample program was created to meet our goals. Thus, this sample program will be tested with several different types of video formats. Once the program has been verified it can then be integrated into the ROARS program and be used to support a wide range of formats that image processing has to offer.

Link to a PDF of Rodney’s project presentation.