The Akamai Internship Program offers college students from Hawai‘i an opportunity to gain a summer work experience at an observatory, company or scientific/technical facility in Hawai‘i in an 8-week program. The program has placements for students from community colleges and four-year universities from a wide range of STEM majors. 

2016 Interns at Maui summit

Akamai interns working at the Maunakea summit

Akamai has provided 428 students internships in Hawaii since 2003. The program has helped more than 250 get STEM jobs–many in Hawaii–earning Akamai the highest U.S. award for STEM mentoring. Years of experience and large network of STEM employers who host interns make Akamai a valuable and rewarding internship experience. The 8-week program includes:

  • Stipend of $3300
  • Housing provided if needed
  • Travel from home island to internship site paid by program
  • 1-week preparatory course + 7-week project

Unique aspects of the program:

  • Placements with Hawaii’s telescopes – Akamai has placements at all the major telescopes in Hawaii.
  • Outstanding mentors and staff – Mentors are trained through a workshop and accomplished Akamai team support intern success.
  • Authentic work experience – Interns work on projects of value to the partner organization and gain real-world job skills in the process.
  • Nationally recognized program with long history – Akamai has been running for 19 years and has 428 alumni, to date.
  • Akamai is a community, and doesn’t stop at the end of the summer – Alumni have opportunities beyond the internship, including connections to employers and career related workshops.
  • Akamai alumni get jobs – More than 250 alumni are now in jobs in Hawaii and beyond.

For additional details see:

Program description

Internship placement sites

Eligibility and frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How Akamai interns benefit from the program

Types of projects Akamai interns do 

How to apply for an Akamai internship 

Tentative 2021 Program Dates

See the calendar page for more detailed information.

  • November 2020 – application opens
  • Mid-February 2021 – application deadline
  • Mid-March 2021 – placement offers sent
  • Mid-June 2021 – program begins
  • Mid-August 2021 – program ends

2021 Program Flier (coming soon)

Akamai is led by ISEE.

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