Jasmine Pahukula was born and raised in Kailua,¬†O’ahu, and graduated from Sacred Hearts¬†Academy in Honolulu. She will be entering her¬†junior year pursuing a B.S. in Civil Engineering at¬†Oregon State University. She also plans to¬†attend graduate school to earn a master’s¬†degree. Jasmine is a member of the Hui O¬†Hawaii Club at Oregon State, and she also plays¬†intramural volleyball.

Home Island:¬†O‚Äėahu
High School: Sacred Hearts Academy in Honolulu
Institute when accepted: Oregon State University

Designing a Mechanical Cycler to Test a Wave Energy Generator
Project Site: Trex Enterprises, LLC
Mentor: Dee Symonds, Michael Engelmann & Ned Davis

Project Abstract:

The ocean has great potential to provide vast amounts of power, which can be generated from¬†the kinetic energy carried by ocean waves, tides and currents. Trex Enterprises has already¬†made significant advances in harvesting ocean waves to produce electricity by developing a¬†rotary-drive wave energy generator. Trex has applied this same concept and design to develop¬†a self-powered emergency position-indicating radio beacon (SEPIRB) intended for use¬†by submarines and ships in distress. Our goal was to design a mechanical cycler to test the¬†lifetime, durability, and power generated by the SEPIRB. Design requirements included the¬†ability to run continuously for 1-2 weeks, change the period and height of the simulated waves,¬†and pull with a force of at least 60 lb, which is necessary to generate a target power of 15 W.¬†This was accomplished with a combination of a ball-screw driven translation stage, a cable¬†with a series of pulleys, and a motor with an electronic controller. In order to simulate a variety¬†of wave patterns, we programmed the controller to create variations in the ball nut’s speed and¬†distance traveled. Due to the inherent mechanical efficiency of ball-screw driven translation¬†stages, we anticipate that our cycler will easily provide the desired 60 lb of force and two-week¬†operation period. In the future, this cycler can be modified to fit specific requirements to test¬†other wave energy generators, allowing for continued research and development of alternative¬†energy resources.