Joseph Rose moved to Maui in 2004 from Northern California. He is pursuing an A.S. degree from the Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology program at Maui Community College and plans to graduate by December 2007. He enjoys working with computer hardware, hanging out with friends, and learning new things.

Home Island: Mainland
High School:
Institution when accepted: Maui Community College

Akamai Project: Using ArcGIS Software to Map Maui

Project Site: Pacific Disaster Center

Mentor: Pam Cowher

Project Abstract:

The Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) is responsible for providing proactive data for disaster managers. This means that they need to be able to identify where a disaster may happen and how disaster managers can prepare for and solve the problems caused by a disaster. We mapped out all mile markers on the island of Maui into a GIS (Geographic Information System) dynamic map to better assist disaster managers. GIS is a tool that allows users to create interactive queries, analyze spatial information, edit data and maps, and present the results of all these operations. We also took photographs of the markers and a short description so the location can easily be found again. These were added into the metadata to increase the usefulness of the data. By mapping these points into a GIS map, the Pacific Disaster Center will be better able to direct disaster managers to their areas of interest and map out which areas could be problematic in the event of a disaster. As an example, during the recent West Maui Mountains fire, new PDC maps that utilized these new data were focused on the exact areas firefighters needed.