The 2010 Akamai cohort includes the following interns, and their placement site. Find out more about the interns and their projects by clicking their names

You can also pull up past and present projects by discipline, intern home island, internship location, or internship year on the right hand side-bar.

Evan Agor – Smithsonian Submillimeter Array

Bryan Baello – Institute for Astronomy, Maui

Cy Bagano – W. M. Keck Observatory

Brian Behnia – Institute for Astronomy, Maui

Lake Casco – Hnu Photonics

Cheryl-Ann Fujioka – Institute for Astronomy, Hilo

Robert Grimmett – Institute for Astronomy, Maui

Daniel Hong – Institute for Astronomy, Maui

Laurie Hozaki – Pacific Defense Solutions

Kiah Imai – Hnu Photonics

Masafumi Inoue – Trex Enterprises

David Kaluna -– W. M. Keck Observatory

Gerard Lono – Subaru Telescope

Marissa Loving – Gemini Observatory

Kaitlin Madriaga – Pacific Disaster Center

Leslee Mahoney – Pacific Disaster Center

Natalie Nagata – Gemini Observatory

Chad Nagata – Pacific Defense Solutions

Ken Oyadomari – Smithsonian Submillimeter Array

Matthew Parilla – Institute for Astronomy, Maui

Danielle Prince – Akimeka

Jennifer Razo – Maui High Performance Computing Center

Kekoa Roback – Trex Enterprises

Chihiro Sasaki – Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

Jamie Scharf – Gemini Observatory

Omega Smith – Institute for Astronomy, Hilo

Sarah Souza – Textron

Kai Warman – Akimeka

Andrew Wessels – Textron